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A Podcast to Help Parents with Struggling Teens

Welcome to the Parents of Struggling Teens Podcast! We are here to offer guidance and support to parents who are dealing with the challenges of raising a struggling teen. Our podcast features interviews with experts and parents who have been through it all. We discuss topics like mental health, addiction, and communication. 

Nicholas Chalmers MA, and Himani Patel, MS


Our hosts are experienced professionals who have worked with struggling teens and their families for many years. They are passionate about helping parents and providing them with the tools and resources they need to navigate this difficult time. 

Nicholas Chalmers, MA

Himani Patel, MS

Black Background

     Nicholas Chalmers, MA, and Himani Patel, MS, (respectively, a family therapist in Florida, and a social worker in NYC) reveal strategies for raising struggling teens, so that you can experience confidence and peace while making sure your kids are on the right track. Discover how you can maintain boundaries in the face of challenging behaviors and extreme emotions, so that you can find respect and increase connection and love. 

     Nicholas has worked for years with families experiencing high conflict and trauma, and has given presentations at national conferences on these subjects.  Himani is a social worker who helps families dealing with mental illness in a hospital in Manhattan.  Their podcasting chemistry comes from serving on the front lines of the teenage mental health epidemic, and their insights are sprinkled with doses of humor and wisdom. 

     You’ll learn how to recognize if your teen’s problems are developmentally appropriate or more serious, how to deal with disconnected teens, verbal abuse in the home, ADHD, ODD, a failure to thrive, and handling illegal, dangerous, and sexually risky behavior, so that you can increase safety and experience deeper satisfaction in your relationship - to not just your struggling teen - but your entire family. 


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